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Magazine Unikat - sample, maj/junij 2007, download (11 MB)


A Slovenian company Freising started issuing the Unikat magazine ten years ago. The magazine became a hit in Slovenia with its first issue. The reason for its success lies in its concept as well as in its content which differ from the concepts and contents of other magazines that are published in the field of creativity.

The concept of the magazine was based on a thorough analysis, market poll as well as considering wishes of creative people. The magazine provides a detailed demonstration of how to make a creation, following a “step by step” system. The materials which are used are simple and inexpensive. Regarding the mentioned arguments as well as the unique ideas are the reasons which confirm the excellence of the magazine. In the year 2002 the magazine was chosen as a unique work  in the field of creativity and was displayed on a fair in Los Angeles, United States.

The Unikat magazine is issued every two month, which brings six issues a year. The process of the elaboration is clearly shown on the photographs. The diversity and the excellent ideas give us an opportunity to try out the ideas. By following the “step by step” system we can make our own creations.
In Slovenia our subscribers are:
- creative readers
- schools
- kindergartens
- teachers, educators
- dormitories, retirement homes
- societies
- different institutions

Freising publishing company stroke an agreement and sold the licence for the magazine to a partner in Srbia, Croatia, (not active: Hungary and Slovakia).

Compare the Unikat magazine to other magazines in the field of creativity and convince yourself that the Unikat magazine really is unique and can become a hit in your country as well. Become our partner and with the help of our licence start issuing the Unikat magazine.

Visit us on our website:

If you want us to send you your issue of the magazine, send us an e-mail on the address:

For all your questions and other information call us on:
Freising d.o.o.
Mestni trg 20
4220 Škofja Loka
Tel.:00 386 4 51 55 880
Fax: 00 386 4 51 55 888


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